Camper ACT

TVAN Specifications

We take considerable pride in ensuring that our weights and dimensions are correct.

These specifications are for our standard models only. We do take in account varied included options and fittings such as larger wheels, awnings, poles/ropes/pegs, but weight dimensions will vary with additional bolt on options. Please see models section for further details on specifications.

Tvan® Models:
Over all travel mode 4900mm
Overall width 1920mm
Height unladen 2050mm
Interior setup length 4800mm
Deck under tent 1700x2000mm
Wheel track 1650mm
Departure angle 30°
Suspension travel 250mm
Axle capacity 1600kg
Tare mass 890kg 930kg 970kg 990kg
Load capacity 610kg 570kg 530kg 510kg
Ball Weight 75kg 130kg 133kg 139kg
Ball Weight with fully loaded storage boot option fitted n/a 172kg 174kg 180kg
Load & Storage: (Expressed as cubic meters)
Total 3.8m
Right hand locker .32m
Kitchen pantry .065m
Internal cabin space 3.4m
Under bed .625m
Floor area .324m
Additional provision for load: Open exterior load spaces, rear panniers, wood rack, pole cavity
Wet load capacity:  
Water tank (s) 1x 108l 1x 108l 1x 108l 1x 108l
Jerry can storage 2x 20l = 40l 6x20l =120l 6x20l =120l 6x20l =120l
Total wet storage capacity 148l 228l 228l 228l
Filler & pump (s) 1xFiller, 1x hand pump 1xFiller, 1x hand pump. Electric pump to kitchen 1xFiller, 1x hand pump. Electric pump to kitchen 1xFillers, 1x hand pumps. Electric pump to kitchen


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